Foundation to Fight NAVSEA Decision to Scrap Ranger

Updated October 9, 2012 at 8 p.m.

The USS Ranger Foundation plans to fight the decision to remove the retired supercarrier ex-USS Ranger from donation hold status, preparing her for dismantling in 2014. The USS Ranger Foundation has been working since 2010 to place Ranger in Fairview, Oregon as a Community Heritage Center. We have made significant progress on the project and have strong community support for Ranger to become a tourist attraction, economic development engine and job creation project.

The Foundation has contacted our Federal delegates and key partners to prepare arguments for a NAVSEA decision reversal. A strategy is being developed and will be implemented upon approval.

The Foundation office and store are temporarily closed for now to free up volunteer work time and to provide us with a secure work space. If you’re interested in ordering from the store to support the Foundation, you can still place online orders.

At this time we suggest everyone watch the website for further information. The Foundation will update this page as new details emerge. We know everyone is ready to help and we greatly appreciate the support we have received.

We are focusing our energies on a key strategy. Thank you for your continued support of USS Ranger, Team Ranger staff and volunteers.


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