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Community is at the heart of the Ranger Complex mission. It is the intent of the Foundation to ensure that the project reflects the interests of the community it serves. The Foundation has targeted goals based on meetings and feedback from community leaders, business and civic organizations, cultural and faith groups and citizens at large. These goals include Building Community, Support for Public Agencies/Institutions and Enhancing Community Livability.

The Building Community goal, is supported by a series of objectives, including:

• Strengthen Community Identity – coordinate project promotions, marketing, and public outreach with public and private effort to build on established community identity.
• Create Useful Public Spaces and Promote Engagement – design appropriate meeting, event and other spaces within the project that encourage community use and gatherings.
• Reflect Community History and Cultural Activities – Ensure the museum, memorial and other project functions recognize and incorporate local history and culture. Encourage and sponsor local cultural events.

Support of Public Agencies and Institutions is to be supported by a series of objectives including:

• Develop Emergency Response Infrastructure – Develop emergency response capabilities within the project to support public agency responsibilities. This would include the ability to serve as a command and control center, storage facilities, and medical facilities for use in an emergency. Also see section on Emergency Preparedness.

• Support Education and Work Force Training – Coordinate with local school districts, secondary institutions and Oregon Workforce Development to provide space, equipment and other facilities that can be used to leverage existing resources. Similarly, coordinate with vocational and technical schools for on-site training. Also see section on Education.
• Work with Partners on Regional Priorities – this could include any of the above objectives and others working with public agencies such as Metro, as well as private companies and individuals. As the owner of Chinook Landing Marine Park and Blue Lake Regional Park, Metro has a strong mission as the elected regional government for the Portland Metropolitan area to work with communities, businesses and residents to create a vibrant and sustainable region for all. The Foundation feels that Ranger fits perfectly with this mission.

Enhanced Livability will be supported by a series of objectives, including:

• Provide Recreation – the project is expected to be a center for recreational activities, including static displays, flight simulators, movie theater, restaurants, etc.
• Promote Sustainable Development – Ranger is expected to take a lead role in promoting sustainable development for the region and will be promoting strategies to manage energy, natural resources, etc. Imagine the 4.5 acre flight deck set at a slight angle so that rainwater runs off into a gray water recycling system for use onboard.
• Encourage Surrounding Redevelopment – development of the project is expected to be a significant stimulant for the surrounding area. Coordinate with local developers and landowners to encourage redevelopment.

The Foundation has already begun working on these objectives and it is expected, over time, that more will be added to the list. The Foundation is still in the early stages of organizational development working with limited staff, to complete the Navy donation process, and to work on the many logistical and other issues facing the project, including moving, reconfiguration and opening as a multifaceted civic heritage complex.

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