Economic Development

The development and operation of Ranger as a civic heritage complex will have a significant economic impact on the cities, counties and region surrounding the project.

Consult Econ, Inc., a nationally recognized firm specializing in the market and feasibility of projects like USS Ranger, has estimated that at project build out, the economic impact to the area generally surrounding Fairview, Oregon to be $46.1 million annually, including 536 jobs.

If for no other reason than economics, Ranger will have a significant, positive impact on the entire region. This impact will be experienced by the community in many ways.

New jobs will certainly be one of the most significant benefits of the project. Local jobs have begun and will expand as the project takes shape.

During the current project planning phase, site, river and other analysis is underway, with the intent of completing the Navy donation process as well as providing the necessary detail to begin the permitting process. Examples of this work include planning and indirect efforts: preparing the mooring site, constructing or refurbishing shore-side buildings, and making necessary access and utility improvements. Where possible, local firms are being used.

Before Ranger reaches Chinook Landing Marine Park, she will spend time at the Swan Island shipyards for retrofitting. The work to make Ranger suitable for its new role will support existing skilled electrical, mechanical, painting, welding, and technology trade jobs. Support for local employers along with the creation of new jobs are important considerations of the Ranger project.

Continual restoration of display aircraft and supporting equipment-tractors, fire fighting and other vehicles, will also create jobs, involving paid labor and volunteer work in the areas of bodywork, paint, electrical and technical equipment. A restoration shop is being planned as a part of the complex. Ranger will also require constant care and upkeep in order to present a world-class venue that will lure first time and repeat visitors.

The complex itself will provide additional employment opportunities for staffing the museum and facilities such as a ship’s store, ticket outlets, simulators, and parking.

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