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Happy 55th Birthday Ranger

Ranger turns 55 on Friday, August 10th, and the Foundation office will be open for visitors, BBQ and birthday cake from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 21935 NE Halsey Street, Suite 300, Fairview. Join us to celebrate her birthday and the great accomplishments of the Foundation over the last 6-months. If you’re interested in bringing a birthday present, check our Facebook Page for a Wish List.

In addition to celebrating our great gray lady, we wanted to update everyone on our six-month progress.

Phase II Application in its working binder a week before being shipped off to Washington, D.C.

Phase II Application – The Foundation’s updated Phase II Submission arrived in Washington, D.C. on Monday, July 30. The more than 1000 page document included everything from scheduled open spaces on deck plans to an entire environmental survey of the new Ranger site. This monumental task was accomplished with team work from Team Ranger staff, Columbia Edgewater LLC, PBS Engineering and Environmental, City of Fairview staff, our federal delegation and the BNSF Railway. We thank everyone for their hard work and efforts over the months. We expect to hear back from NAVSEA in sixty days.

Events & Outreach – The Ranger event calendar overflowed the past six months and in July the event team outdid themselves. Each outreach event is important to explain the Ranger Community Heritage Center and her five new missions. Ranger is going to be “event central” when she gets to Fairview, so start planning your aircraft carrier special events for 2015.

Fundraising – The land and water rights donation to the Foundation was a major step toward Ranger’s new home. She will be the only supercarrier museum with her very own mooring slip and over 20-acres of adjacent land. The Foundation is continuing to contact large corporate and individual donors, in addition to our many ongoing fundraising events, store purchases and licensing agreements. We are looking at $30 million to complete the project and know this is a doable goal.

Land Donation – The major 20+ acre land and 10+ acre water rights donation from Columbia Edgewater LLC to the Foundation in June made Ranger front-page news state-wide this summer. The complicated land permitting and zoning needs for Ranger’s new home and the adjacent development are working their way through the City of Fairview. The multiple cities, county, state and federal agencies involved with this project continue to help us move Ranger forward to make her new home a one of a kind showplace.

Infrastructure – Team Ranger Staff are expanding, transitioning and taking on more rolls as the organization grows and brings in new talent to help with increasing project requirements. With an all volunteer staff, except for our Development Director, we are building a professional staff organization to give Ranger the best. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is also changing and adding additional expertise and local business strength to assure a Top Gun organization fit for the Top Gun of the Pacific.

Timeline – We are still on track for a winter 2015 opening for bringing Ranger to Fairview. There are a million details which need to be accomplished to make this happen. We appreciate the amazing community and veteran support we receive and are working very hard to bring Ranger to the Pacific Northwest.

Land Donation Pushes USS Ranger Complex Toward Completion

The USS Ranger Foundation is pleased to announce their most significant donation to date consisting of all land needed to house the Ranger complex. This donation comes from local developers Columbia Edgewater, LLC, a group dedicated to the Ranger project and improving livability of the area and includes over 20 acres of riverfront property on the Columbia and over 10 acres of submersible land leases.

The project will move upriver by less than 1000 feet, which will allow the Foundation to own the property used for parking and ship access, increase the benefits to Chinook Landing Marine Park and surrounding public investment, open additional water access within the City of Fairview and site the ship in a beautiful location with increased access potential.

“The generous donation made by Columbia Edgewater, LLC substantiates the work of the Foundation taking the project to a new level and solidifies the siting of the carrier on the Columbia. This donation supports the Foundation’s efforts to gain momentum and regional partners for this project as a part of Phase 2 of the Navy application currently in process,” stated Peter Ogle, Capt USN (ret), President and CEO of the USS Ranger Foundation.

“This project has many interesting challenges, all of which the Foundation has met head-on and the list gets shorter every day. With a project of this magnitude it’s important to recognize the collaboration and support the Foundation receives on a daily basis.”

“There are few projects that see such unwavering support and can do the region immeasurable good. We have seen incredible support from not only the City of Fairview and the surrounding cities, Multnomah County, Metro, the State of Oregon and our federal Congressional delegates, but from those in Washington State as well,” Lonnie Dicus, Senior Advisor to the Foundation.

Studies show that Ranger will bring 350,000 visitors a year to the ship and close to 50 million dollars a year into the community with over 500 direct and indirect jobs.

Columbia Edgewater, LLC was formed to redevelop industrial property along the Columbia River into a mix of residential and commercial uses in support of the USS Ranger and to create long sought after public access to the river.

The Foundation is in the midst of a capital campaign, plus increasing volunteer support for the project.

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